Active Monitoring

Pro-active application & server monitoring by our engineering team

Our monitoring system is designed to alert our engineers of any issues that may pop up with the bespoke software/integrations we have built for you whether that is internal or external.

Most of the bespoke software and integrations we build communicate with external platforms and these sometimes experience slowdowns or outages or they make breaking changes to their APIs without informing any partners. These scenarios are unavoidable and it is important to have monitoring in place to ensure the required actions can be taken as quickly as possible.

What You Get

Priority support

Clients on this service will get priority support if/when any issues are identified.

Active error monitoring

Active monitoring of server/application error logs by our systems to notify our engineers of any critical errors as they happen. Service restarts included.

Uptime monitoring

We will setup a service to notify us if the integration starts running slow or stops responding for any reason.


If any issues do come up, we will let you know ASAP within business hours along with an estimate of the actions and time required to resolve*.

Fixing Issues

Once our engineers have identified the issue, we will notify you with details of the issue and the time estimate to action any recommendations.

If you have pre-authorised a set number of hours per month with us, our team will get to work on the issue without any further approval needed which speeds up the process significantly. Otherwise, we will wait for your reply to authorise the work to go ahead.


Good to know

* Remedial work is NOT covered by the cost of the monitoring service and is charged at our hourly rate

** All support is provided withing standard UK business hours (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm not including public holidays)


This will depend on the complexity of the software/integration we have built for you. Drop us an email on and we can send you a quote.

Drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you.

Monthly. You can cancel at any time and we will not bill you going further.

No problem at all. We try our best to build in error handling and email notifications into our integrations and these will be sent directly to your notification email.

You can of course ask us to look into the issue by opening a support ticket but we cannot guarantee priority support.

Please note that any uncaught errors will not flag up, these can only be surfaced by monitoring the application/server error logs.

No, we do not.

No, we do not.

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