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Aspects Referral Booklet

digital and printed A4 booklet

The Challenge

Aspects Dental and Referral was founded in Milton Keynes in 2005 and are based in Milton Keynes in the UK providing premium private dental care. Their practice is modern yet family-friendly and caters for all routine dental issues.

Aspects Dental have strong relationships with other dentists who refer patients to them for specialist treatment. Aspects were looking to grow this side of their business and needed an eye-catching design for their referral booklet. This booklet is handed out to referring dentists who may also give it to their patients.

Our Solution

We wanted the booklet design to really stand out so that it would catch the eye even if was lying on the corner of a desk or in a magazine rack. The content also needed to be spot-on and structured so that it was easily readable.

We worked with Aspects Dental to create a completely new brand guide for all their marketing materials and this was the first of the marketing materials to use the new guidelines. We worked with Aspects and their copy writer to fine tune the content so that the design and the content complemented each other.

The end result was something we are very proud of and one that Aspects are delighted with. Printed on high quality paper, the booklet has a real quality feel to it and the design makes it feel really high end and instils a sense of confidence in the patients.

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