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EL-Science Website & Logo

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The Challenge

EL Science are based in the UK and provide analytical and manufacturing services for eLiquids.

EL-Science wanted to showcase their analysis and manufacturing services for the eLiquid sector and promote their position and reputation as a leader in this industry. We started working with them when the company was formed and our design team has developed their logo and branding. EL-Science also wanted a unique feature on their website where customers could search for the full analytical test report for their eLiquid batch.

Our Solution

The design of the website had to be memorable and create a sense of confidence and trust in EL-Science as a leader in the industry. Customers needed to feel that they were in good hands with EL Science even if they themselves were not very scientifically minded. EL-Science provide a one-stop-shop for anything eLiquid and we needed to showcase all their services in a way that a non-scientific person could easily understand and comprehend.

Their batch search feature also needed to work for both internal and external searches as we wanted to allow the EL-Science customers to integrate their websites with the EL-Science Batch Search feature.

Our design brought the services that EL-Science offered to the fore and showcased how they delivered an end to end solution. Each service was linked to other relevant services and shown in a flowchart format so that customers could easily understand the different stages of eLiquid development. The home page features a full screen video background with dynamic text highlighting the services offered. Our design has a lot of dynamic elements while still maintaining the scientific undertones.

The batch search feature was also implemented to handle both internal and external searches. Behind the scenes, we made it really easy for EL-Science to upload their test results with a CSV file and our code then generated the test reports in both a web and PDF version minimising the amount of work required to produce the analytical test reports.

The site navigation features a mega menu which allowed us to group all the similar services together in columns rather than one long list of services. This allows for easier navigation and discovery.

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