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The Challenge

Flexor® is an EMIS brand specialising in industry leading converting machinery and turret rewinders. They have over 350 machines installed worldwide and have become synonymous with quality, reliability and usability. They continuously invest in new technologies to push the boundaries of the capabilities of converting machinery.

Flexor had a large range of machinery that they wanted clients to be able to navigate easily. The website had to look clean and bring out the key information for each category and machine. They wanted the site to have a dynamic feel and it needed to be easy to manage in the backend. The site also needed to be available in multiple languages.

Our Solution

We designed a website that creatively utilises white space and typography to create a clean and modern feel. The home page slider uses a pan/zoom effect to bring the machines to life. Animated transitions throughout the site also add to this dynamic feel.

We also developed a custom Find My Flexor feature. This was to allow clients to filter through machines based on certain criteria to find machines that matched their requirements. This feature has been very well received.

Each product page also has it’s own internal navigation to allow users to easily navigate to the section of the page that they are most interested in. Each highlight on the product pages is linked using dots to create a nice connected visual effect and allows the user to flow down the page in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The site features a modal contact form which opens in a modal window whenever a strategically placed Call To Action is clicked. This form shows instantaneously without requiring another page load to improve the user experience as well as the conversion rate. Additionally, they also receive information on exactly which page the form was filled on.

We designed a custom backend to manage the categories (series), market segments, label types, machines, distributors and testimonials. We decoupled the data and the presentation so that they just need to add the key data and images, and the design and layout is taken care of by our code. This means that if/when we want to update the design, the key data does not have to be re-entered and there is no admin overhead for this. The testimonials are shown randomly one at a time on the front end to keep the site content looking fresh.

The site is also fully multi-lingual compatible. Flexor are currently in the process of updating the translations and they just have to change a single setting once they are ready to make a new language available to their clients.

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