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Franchise Pay Website

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Client: Franchise Pay

The Challenge

Franchise Pay are based in the UK and provide instant payment solutions for franchisers. Payments are split at source and distributed immediately.

Franchise Pay were working with another developer to design their website when they were left with an incomplete project. They asked us if we could take over and bring the project to completion and make it mobile friendly. They also wanted us to work on improving the design of the site to match their brand and vision more closely.

Our Solution

We had to take over an incomplete project and had to first form an understanding of the current state of the project and then work out the best way to bring this project to completion. This website also required a one page design, so it was very important to have distinct sections which encouraged the users to keep scrolling.

We created a mobile friendly one page design that was both engaging and presented bite-size information to the user to build their curiosity and to encourage them to fill in the contact form.

Each section was distinct and provided the relevant information for that section. The design encourages the user to keep scrolling and the navigation is ‘sticky’ so that it is easily accessible no matter where you are on the page. Clicking on any navigation item scrolls to the relevant section.

The contact information is displayed prominently on the top of the page and there is a Call To Action button to encourage users to get in touch. Both of these are always visible.

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