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Amit Gadhia Law Website

Lawyers in Nairobi, Kenya

The Challenge

Gadhia.Law are a boutique law firm in Nairobi providing client focused legal services. They keep advice simple, understandable and embrace technology to deliver a prompt service to their clients.

Gadhia.Law were launching their firm in Nairobi, Kenya, and wanted a brand new website to showcase their services and technology based approach. The website needed to be lightweight as it would mainly be used in Kenya where internet connectivity can be slow/patchy at times.

Our Solution

We designed a lightweight website with minimal use of imagery and more of an emphasis on using typography to add design flair. The content was structured so that clients could easily find the service they were looking for and Call To Actions were placed strategically to drive conversion.

The approach that Gadhia.Law used was also illustrated graphically in a timeline format to make it easy for clients to know what to expect and when.

The new website is optimised for speed and is fully responsive which means it adapts itself to display perfectly on any device. The website has been well received and formed a key part of the Gadhia.Law launch in Kenya.

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