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Kew Technology Branding

new logo and branding guidelines

The Challenge

KEW’s mission is to deliver technology innovation that changes the way we view waste and the production of all forms of energy including electrical, heat and fuels.

Kew Technology wanted a clean and simple logo that symbolised renewable energy with a modern feel to it. The Kew brand has several arms to it and they wanted the ‘technology’ word in the logo to be interchangeable.

Our Solution

We went through several design stages where multiple concepts were presented. At each stage we chose a concept with the client and developed it further.

Kew Technology generate energy from waste and one of the key components in the process is the production of Hydrogen. The logo we designed incorporates a circular arrow to reflect the renewable nature of the energy and the small circle shows a Hydrogen atom. We utilised a clean and strong font for the wording with two variations produced. One with the wording within the circle, ideal for use in documentation and social media, and one with the ‘technology’ outside the circle for a more horizontal logo.

We produced templates for presentations, letters and documentation for Kew and these are now in use. The branding is being used throughout the company and in their Sustainable Energy Centre. We are currently developing a brand new website for them which should be launched in the New Year.

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