WooCommerce website with Epos Now integration

The Challenge

Phoenix manufacture and sell their own eLiquids alongside electronic cigarettes and accessories. At the time of writing, they have 34 locations across the UK. We started working with Phoenix when they had just started up and have been their technology partners through their amazing growth.

They were introducing a new point-of-sale system, Epos Now, in all their stores to improve stock control and enable better reporting. They wanted to be able to have a single stock holding for a new website and for the store that processed the online orders.

Phoenix wanted their products, customers, orders, stock and loyalty points to be synced with their website. They needed their customers to be able to earn and spend their loyalty points, both in store and online. WordPress, WooCommerce and EposNow needed to work together seamlessly. We also needed a way for customers to recommend to their friends and to earn loyalty points if their friends made a purchase. Wholesale pricing and bulk pricing was also required.

Our Solution

This project is a perfect example of an agile approach to building a lasting web presence. We talked to Phoenix about their vision for the business and made sure that we started working from a solid platform that we would be able to build on in the future.

We developed an eCommerce website that showcases their products and makes it easy for users to make a purchase, including a ‘repeat order’ feature.

Phoenix are able to set wholesale prices and select which customers get these wholesale prices and also add bulk buying discounts for retail customers. They can set up discount codes for promotions and also create bundled deals. Customers are encouraged to refer their friends and they both earn loyalty points when the referred customer makes a purchase. Each customer gets their own unique sharing link and we track which sale was made through which referral link and add points to the referring customers account.

Depending on the products that are added to the basket, other relevant products are also recommended to the customer on the shopping cart page. When the customer is viewing a product, other related products are also shown to them. These both help drive impulse buying.

We setup our Epos Now WooCommerce integration for them and their customers, inventory and orders are now synced with EposNow in real-time allowing for up to date listings on the website.

Whenever the inventory level for a product changes on Epos Now, it is pushed through to the website immediately. We also monitor the orders on WooCommerce and as soon as a WooCommerce order is received, we process the data and send it to Epos Now so all inventory levels can stay in sync and all sales data is available in Epos Now.

We developed a bespoke loyalty points integration feature for them which keeps the loyalty points in sync between WooCommerce and Epos Now. They have different earning and spending rules online and in-store and our integration is able to handle this seamlessly. This has been a big plus point for them as their customers are also able to see their points balance and statement online through the website.

The integration has been running smoothly for over 5 years now and works silently in the background giving them the peace of mind and confidence to scale their business.

As the business has grown, we have added more and more features to the web app and interfaced with external systems to provide a unified experience for their customers whether they shop online or in-store. Sales on the website have been growing month on month and is now a very valuable revenue generator for Phoenix.

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