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The Challenge

See Clinic is an eye clinic based in Nairobi, Kenya. They offer a complete comprehensive general ophthalmic examination and advice.

See Clinic wanted a new website that worked on all devices as the majority of web browsing for the target market in Kenya is now done on smart phones and tablets. They wanted a simple website that made it easy for their patients to request a booking, find out their contact details and opening hours. Dr. Walia also has tremendous experience and achievements in his field and we wanted to bring this out in the website to make sure patients knew they were in good hands.

Our Solution

In Kenya, there are still internet speed considerations, so we decided to use a slick and clean one page layout with an intuitive navigation. We made sure that patients can very easily get an idea of what the clinic is all about with a full screen image shown above the fold along with Dr Walia’s qualifications and an easy to access Booking Enquiry button.

We worked with Dr Walia to develop the content to describe his experience and achievements and placed this prominently on the site.

The navigation is ‘sticky’ and appears whenever the user tries to scroll up (this is when users are most likely to be looking for another section of the website). We hide it on scroll down to maximise the screen real estate. The contact details and opening hours are also displayed clearly.

The booking enquiry and contact us forms are shown in modal windows so that another page load is not required which enhances the user experience and removes the need for another page load which can impact on conversion.

The site is fully responsive and optimised for all screen sizes with quick load times.

The site has given a new, quality look and feel to the clinic and has been very well received so far.

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