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SkipTooMyLooz Website

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Client: Skiptoomylooz

The Challenge

SkipTooMyLooz are based in Zambia and are a small independent company who take pride in providing the highest standard of service and cleanliness when hiring out their portable toilets.

SkipToMyLooz wanted a one page website to showcase their portable toilets for hire. They use high quality portable toilets and wanted to bring out the features and USPs such as providing attendants for events to differentiate themselves from other providers. The website had to be lightweight to account for the variable internet connection speeds in Zambia.

Our Solution


We designed an intuitive one page website featuring the 3 stripes from the logo throughout the design. The menu icon also plays on the design of these 3 stripes to create a custom feel with subtle branding throughout the site.

We utilised micro interactions (try move your mouse over the intro section and the common uses sections) and animations to bring dynamism to the site. The enquiry form is easily accessible via call to actions throughout the site and is shown in a modal window. This enhances the user experience and removes the need for another page load which can impact on conversion.

The navigation is ‘sticky’ and appears whenever the user tries to scroll up (this is when users are most likely to be looking for another section of the website). We hide it on scroll down to maximise the screen real estate. The contact details are also displayed clearly.

The site is fully responsive and optimised for all screen sizes with quick load times. The site has been well received and added a lot of credibility to the business by having such a professional digital presence. We are looking forward to working together in the long term as the business continues to grow.

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