The Feed Shed

WooCommerce website with Epos Now integration

The Challenge

The Feed Shed is a family business based in Flecknoe, Warwickshire, with a loyal customer base offering a wide range of quality livestock feed, supplements, healthcare products and grooming equipment.

They use Epos Now at their store and wanted us to design a brand new website with the ability to have a single stock holding for the website and store and in order to do this,  product inventory and orders had to be synced on the WooCommerce website and Epos Now.

Most of their regular customers purchased on account and were invoiced at the end of the month or were businesses that needed quotes/invoices. They wanted to be able to print out quotes and invoices for their in-store customers directly from Epos Now.

Our Solution

We designed a slick and intuitive website for The Feed Shed which is fully responsive and works just as well on any screen size from smartphones to 4K screens. Product discovery is simple and customers can navigate and search for products in numerous ways, they can use what they find most suitable. The filter function allows them to narrow down the suitable products.

Customers can login and view their previous orders and easily add the same items to the basket with a single click. The design ensure that the focus is on the products and the product images take pride of place allowing customers to visually identify the products they are familiar with. The images used are high resolution so customers can zoom in if they want to see the fine detail. The whole design is clutter-free and optimised to provide fast load times on all devices which is crucial to the customer experience.

We setup our Epos Now WooCommerce integration for them and their inventory and orders are now synced with EposNow in real-time allowing for up to date listings on the website.

Whenever the inventory level for a product changes on Epos Now, it is pushed through to the website immediately. We also monitor the orders on WooCommerce and as soon as a WooCommerce order is received, we process the data and send it to Epos Now so all inventory levels can stay in sync and all sales data is available in Epos Now.

The integration has been running smoothly for over 2 years now and works silently in the background giving them the peace of mind and confidence to scale their business.

They also use our Epos Now Order Templates App which gives them the ability to produce quotes and invoices directly from the Epos Now Till or Back Office.

The website has been very well received and the orders are flying in!

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