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Winebird Vinalogy Plugin

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The Challenge

Helena Nicklin is Winebird: a wine writer, presenter, short film-maker and award winning author and vlogger.

Winebird has built up a great reputation in the wine industry and their founder Helena Nicklin is a wine writer, presenter, short film-maker and award winning author and vlogger. Winebird wanted to help people to find their vinalogy (a play on genealogy) based on their personal characteristics. The idea was to match people to wines which had the same characteristics as them using Winebirds’ proprietary algorithm. Our brief was to develop a WordPress plugin to achieve this and it had to follow the simple styling of their existing WordPress site.

Our Solution

Winebird wanted us to develop a WordPress plugin for them which implemented their proprietary algorithm and database to match the user’s characteristics with those of wines in their database. We needed to capture the information about personal characteristics from the user, and then implement the algorithm to display the personalised vinalogy to the user. This was to be displayed as a ‘certificate’ with the options for users to share this on social media. This would then also link to a detail page for the vinalogy which contained in depth information including a custom vinalogy video.

We created a web form where users answered 4 questions to determine their personality. We then implemented the algorithm to match users to vinalogies and generated the vinalogy certificate personalised with the user’s name.

The users could then share their vinalogy using social media share buttons at the bottom of the certificate and they could also print the vinalogy (a print ready web page was loaded so that the certificate was laid out ideally for A4 prints). Additionally, the vinalogy certificate was linked automatically to the vinalogy detail page where the user could get all the in-depth information on their vinalogy.

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