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Zahra Mansouri Website

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The Challenge

Zahra is a talented costume and set designer based in London and has been nominated for the Off-West Awards. She keeps her work vital and instinctive, so that the work is always fresh and exciting.

Zahra had a website that had been created on Wix and was looking quite dated and didn’t work on many devices as it was still Flash based. She had a great portfolio of work that she wanted to showcase and some glowing testimonials.

Our Solution

We designed an intuitive and creative website for Zahra that showcased her great work and the amazing reviews her clients were giving her. The design features sweeping arcs playing on the arc shape in her logo. This flows through right through to the menu icon.

The site features a modal contact form which opens in a modal window whenever a strategically placed Call To Action is clicked. This form shows instantaneously without requiring another page load to improve the user experience as well as the conversion rate. Additionally, Zahra also receives information on exactly which page the form was filled on.

We designed a custom backend for Zahra to manage the portfolio, CV and testimonials. We decoupled the data and the presentation so that she just needs to add the key data and images, and the design and layout is taken care of by our code. This means that if/when we want to update the design, the key data does not have to be re-entered and there is no admin overhead for this. Testimonials can easily be linked to portfolio items so that we can show the relevant testimonial on the portfolio. The testimonials are also shown randomly one at a time on the front end to keep the site content looking fresh.

The portfolio is filterable and sortable on the front end and also features animated transitions. The home page slider uses a pan/zoom effect to bring the static images to life to give the site a fresh and modern feel.

The site has been very well received and Zahra has been delighted with the feedback she has received. She keeps the portfolio, CV and testimonials updated now because it is so easy to add a new item.

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