Manage Templates

The image below shows the main screen of the Order Templates app.

  1. Active Templates Count

    Shows how many active templates you have used in your subscription.

    You can have as many templates as you like in your account, but only a certain number of active/published templates to use within Epos Now depending on your subscription plan.

  2. My Templates

    Shows a list of all the templates in your account.

  3. Template Title

    The name of your template. This is the name that the template is referred to as in Epos Now, so choose the name carefully so that it is easily identified. Clicking on the title will open this template for editing.
  4. Template Status

    This shows whether the template is in draft of published status

  5. Template Creation Date

    This shows the date and time when the template was created

  6. Template Updated Date

    This shows the date and time when the template was last updated

  7. Default Template

    This shows whether the template is the default template. You can only have one default template. Click on the star icon to set a template as the default. This is used in conjunction with the Default Action Button Setting (see 10)

  8. Duplicate Template

    You can create a duplicate of an existing template by clicking this icon.

  9. Delete Template

    Click on this icon to delete the template. Please be careful with this function as deleted templates cannot be recovered.

  10. Default Action Button Setting

    When the action button is pressed on the till, this setting defines what happens. There are three options:

    a. Show order list
    This will show a list of the 5 most recent orders on the till

    b. Select template with last order
    Automatically select the last order on this till and allow the user to select one of the active templates to print. This is useful when you have multiple active templates.

    c. Print last order with default template
    Automatically select the last order on this till and print the default template

  11. Create New Template

    Click on the + icon to create a new template. You can pick a starter template from our gallery, or start with a blank canvas.

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