Order Selection

In the order selection screen, the last 5 orders are shown by default. The user can then select which order they wish to print.

  1. Customer Filter
    The orders can be filtered for specific customer ID’s (only in the back office). Please note that the customer ID must be entered here. To obtain a customer ID, go to eposnow > management > customers > click on details for the selected customer. This opens the customer details screen.

    In the URL in the browser, you can obtain the customer ID.

    e.g. https://www.eposnowhq.com/Pages/BackOffice/CustomerDetails.aspx?CustomerID=1398681 

  2. Sales Person Filter
    Select whether to filter the orders by the user currently logged in
  3. Device Filter
    Select whether to filter the orders taken on the till being used
  4. Number of Results
    Select the number of results to return. The larger this number, the longer it takes to retrieve all the data.
  5. Refresh List
    Click to load the orders that match the filter criteria in 1-3 above
  6. Select & Print
    Select the order and go to the template selection screen
  7. Menu Button
    This is the menu button to navigate through the app

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