Text Fields

You can add as many text fields as you like.

  1. ID
    This is an internal identifier that is automatically generated and cannot be edited.
  2. Identifier
    Set the name for your text element here. This is used to identify this text element in the layout editor. This is only used for identification in the layout editor so you can set it to whatever you need, it will not be printed on the template.
  3. Content
    Type in the content for your text field. You can set the text as bold/italic, change the alignment of the text and set the colour of the text using the controls in the content area. Be careful when pasting text here especially when copying from your browser or Word, it is best to paste it into notepad or any other text editor first, and then copy and paste into this content area.
  4. Text Style
    Highlight the text for which you wish to change the font style and then use this dropdown to set the text style for the selected text. This will then use the font, size and colour defined in the Fonts & Colours tab. The colour can be set specifically for this text content using the text colour control in the content area.

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