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The Corona Virus pandemic has accelerated the growth of online purchases dramatically and six out of ten consumers say that they will continue to buy as much online as they do today after the pandemic has passed*.

Client with both bricks and mortar stores have seen a big uplift in sales where they have had click and collect available. Our websites can integrate with eBay, Amazon & point of sale systems syncing products, stock, orders and customers.

If you’re not selling online yet, you need to be!


What We Do For You

Everything in our Web Design service PLUS:

  • strategy


    We take the time to understand your products and services and develop a strategy to maximise your chances of online success. We determine the best way to showcase your products and develop a road map for scale. We work with you to create and optimise landing pages for your marketing campaigns to maximise your return on investment.

  • conversion


    Before you spend your marketing budget on driving traffic to the site, we need to make sure we maximise the conversion rate. We use our experience to create a design which showcases the products and also has strategically placed elements to encourage a sale. Encourage repeat sales by using automated follow up emails with recommendations based on previous purchases.

  • loyalty-points

    Loyalty Points

    So we have now converted a new customer, how do we retain that customer? One tried and tested way is to offer loyalty points to provide incentives for future purchases. Earn points by signing up to a newsletter, or making purchases, or entering competitions. We get creative in coming up with ways for customers to earn points and maintain brand loyalty.

  • affilates


    Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. So we encourage this through affiliate schemes. Your customers automatically get their own custom affiliate link which they can share with their friends via social media. They can earn money or loyalty points for referred sales. With PayPal Mass Payments integration, you can easily make payouts if required.

  • subscription


    Are you maximising the potential of recurring sales to your existing customers? Our flexible solutions can take recurring payments automatically so that your members can manage their subscriptions themselves, reducing your admin overhead. You can then focus on your product or service while growing your sales.

  • multiple-channels

    Multiple Sales Channels

    Why not sell on multiple platforms? We can automatically list your products on Amazon, eBay and Facebook. You can choose whether to list all products, or only selected products or categories. Our integrations feature a full product and stock sync, so you’ll never oversell an item. All orders are also synced to the website, so you have all your orders in one place.

  • pos

    Point of Sale

    Already have an established business and want to start selling online? Worried about how you will manage products, stock, customers, orders & loyalty points? No need to worry, we integrate with PoS systems to ensure both your eCommerce store and your PoS are fully in sync. You can sell on both channels without worrying about overselling, missing products & wrong prices.

  • analytics


    So you are making sales through the website, but where are the sales coming from? Which area? How did they find your site? How effective is your Facebook advert? What are the top selling products? Our analytics integration tells you all this and allows you to calculate your ROI and build marketing strategies using a data driven approach.

  • marketing


    Having a great eCommerce store optimised to convert is the first step. The next is to get customers to visit your site. Our eCommerce solution allows you to get creative with creating discount codes, multi-buy offers and much more. We create offer specific landing pages that you can then market using Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts and other channels.

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