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You can have your WooCommerce orders printing out in-store automatically using a combination of our
You can access the documentation for Order Templates by clicking here. We are working on migrating t
Our integration is built to be event based so that we can sync through any data as quickly as possib
Our integration is able to sync your WooCommerce product name to Epos Now. This is optional and can
You can set a mapping for WooCommerce categories to EposNow categories using our category linker. To
Our product sync can sync the SKU field in WooCommerce to the barcode field in Epos Now. WooCommerce
In order to be able to see the SKU field in EposNow, the webstore module needs to be enabled on your
For this article, we will use a t-shirt as an example product. The t-shirt comes in 3 sizes, small/m
Sometimes, it is useful to do a force sync for the stock for all linked products. You should not nee
In order for Slynk to be able to set the stock levels on WooCommerce, stock management has to be ena
Our integration does not sync bookings between WooCommerce and Epos Now. EposNow have a bookings app
Epos Now have several accounting integrations on their app store and a lot of them trigger when a Ti
We have several plans available for our Epos Now Order Templates app. All plans have the same featur
Our product sync feature was released in BETA in January 2022. It is currently available to customer
Epos Now have a feature called products beta which makes it easier to manage products in the Epos No
Our product sync feature is currently in BETA status. If you would like to be on the BETA list, plea
The error messages you may receive with product sync are listed below along with steps to take to re
In certain cases, it is useful to be able to link a single Epos Now product to multiple WooCommerce
When an order is received on WooCommerce, a webhook is sent to the Slynk servers to inform us that a
In order to sync gift cards between WooCommerce and Epos Now, we recommend using a service that is b
In order to sync loyalty points between WooCommerce and Epos Now, we recommend using a service that
During our setup process, it is important that we get the initial product setup correct. Whether you
WooCommerce only allows a single stock holding per product out of the box. On Epos Now, you can have
Our Epos Now WooCommerce integration can be setup to use either Epos Now or WooCommerce as the maste

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