Epos Now products beta feature

Gurdeep Sembi
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Epos Now have a feature called products beta which makes it easier to manage products in the Epos Now back office. As this feature is still in beta, there are some bugs that may appear from time to time.

We have found that when products beta is enabled on your Epos Now account, then we do not receive stock webhooks from Epos Now to notify us that stock has changed. We have reported this to Epos Now and it is on their list to fix.

The best advice for now is NOT to use products beta in your Epos Now back office until this issue is resolved. We will update this article when it is resolved, so if you are reading this now, you should disable this feature.

How to disable products beta

To disable this feature, go to your product listings page in the EposNow back office.

At the top right of your screen, you will see a toggle to switch products beta on/off.

It should look as shown above when products beta is OFF.

Once this is turned off, the stock webhooks will start coming through to us again so we can update your website stock within minutes.

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