How to ignore stock updates for selected products

Gurdeep Sembi
Est. reading time: 1 minute

Some of our customers have certain products where they do not want the WooCommerce stock level overwritten by the EposNow stock level.

This is most commonly used for dropship products where the stock level is imported directly into Woo with an import or a plugin from the dropshipper.

If you would like to ignore stock updates from EposNow > Woo for certain products, this is best done in our product linker.

First select the products (multi-select is possible by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the cell with the ID)

Click on edit selected products

Tick the box for ignore product updates

Click on the update button.

Now whenever we receive a stock update for this product from EposNow, the stock update will be ignored and will not be sent to WooCommerce.

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