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Gurdeep Sembi
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During our setup process, it is important that we get the initial product setup correct. Whether you would need to do anything to prepare for the setup depends on whether you have existing products on Epos Now and WooCommerce and if they are on both platforms, do they have a matching identifier set (e.g. Woo SKU = Epos Now SKU/Barcode/Order Code/ID).

The flowchart below shows you if you would need to take any action prior to our setup.

(1) No products on either platform

No action required on your part. Once the setup is complete, any products you create on WooCommerce will be created on EposNow by our integration.

(2) Products on Epos Now only

You can create the products on WooCommerce using the same identifier as Epos Now (e.g. Woo SKU = Epos Now SKU/Barcode/Order Code/ID) and our integration will automatically match and link the relevant Epos Now product.

If you would like to export the products from Epos Now and import them into Woo, take a look at this KB article on our recommended process and what to look out for.

(3) Products on both Epos Now and WooCommerce WITHOUT matching identifiers

In this case, there is no easy way to automatically match up the products on both platforms which can lead to duplicate products being created on EposNow.

In this scenario, we recommend that you use our product linker to manually link the products. This is pretty quick and only needs to be done once. This tells our integration which product on Woo matches which product in EposNow. We can then keep the stock and orders in sync.

We would keep the product sync off initially until your product data was updated so that there was a matching identifier. It is possible to turn on product sync partially (for example to keep prices in sync) but we would take a look at your data and recommend what should and should not be synced at that point to ensure data integrity.

Once your product identifiers were updated to match, then we can turn on the full product sync with confidence.

(4) Products on both Epos Now and WooCommerce WITH matching identifiers

In this case, there is a common unique identifier on both platforms which allows our product linker to suggest matches. See the table below for the available matching options. The product linker then suggests matches which you can then review and save.

The matching options available are:

WooCommerce FieldEpos Now Field
Product IDOrder Code
Product IDSKU
SKUOrder Code
SKUProduct ID

(5) Products on WooCommerce only

In this case, we can run an initial product sync to create the products on Epos Now as well as setting initial stock levels on Epos Now.

You may also find it useful to have a look at the product sync setup options available.

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