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Gurdeep Sembi
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In Epos Now, a master and child products can be used where a product that is sold is made up of one or more other products. Child products are the products you sell to your customers, and master products are the products that you buy in and that hold the actual stock levels.

One example is where the item you sell is a smaller quantity than the product you buy in bulk. For example, you might buy in 20kg bags of rice, but you sell 500g packets to your customers. The child product is the 500g packet, and the master products is the 20kg bag.

Another example is where the child product is made up of one or more master products. Let’s use a multipack of pens as an example. The multipack would be a child product that is made up of 1 blue pen and 2 red pens. The blue pen and red pen are master products and they are bought in separately. When the multi pack of pens is sold, Epos Now will reduce the stock of the blue pen by 1 and the red pen products by 2.

You can learn more about master and child products on the Epos Now support portal on this link.

Epos Now do not provide the stock levels for the child products, just for the master products. Our integration will automatically calculate the stock level of the child product based on the stock levels of the master products that make up the child product. So for the pens example above, let’s say we have 10 red pens and 10 blue pens in stock. We would check the stock levels of these master products, and we then know that we can only sell 5 of the multipack, because we only have 10 red pens in stock, and there are 2 red pens in every multipack.

On WooCommerce, you have sell the master products if you wish as well as the child products.

It is important to note that measured products cannot be used as master products in EposNow.

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