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Gurdeep Sembi
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Our integration is able to sync your WooCommerce product name to Epos Now. This is optional and can be switched OFF if you do not want to overwrite your product names on Epos Now.

When the product name is being synced, there are a few restrictions to be aware of:

  • The product name can only be 40 characters long on Epos Now. If the product name on WooCommerce is longer than this, it will get truncated to 40 characters.
    • For variable products, WooCommerce will set the variation name automatically as the name of the variable product, plus the name of the attributes. For example, for a variable product called T-Shirt with a variation with the attributes: size = medium, colour = red, WooCommerce would set the product name for this variation as T-Shirt – medium,red
  • We can also sync the WooCommerce product name to the product description on Epos Now, which allows for 127 characters and so is useful when trying to identify the product in case the product name is too long and gets truncated

We have also added extra fields in WooCommerce where you can set the product name you would like to use on Epos Now. If this field is populated, we will use this instead of the WooCommerce product name.

For simple products, you should set this at the top level product:

For variable products, it should be set at the variation level

You can easily identify the products which might be affected by looking at our product linker which shows the length of the product name.

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