Product sync error messages

Gurdeep Sembi
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The error messages you may receive with product sync are listed below along with steps to take to resolve these.

Error MessageNotesActions
Multiple Woo products linked to EposNow productThis error occurs if more than one WooCommerce product is linked to the same EposNow product and we do not know which Woo product to use to update the EposNow product.Option 1
If all the products are meant to be linked to the same Epos Now product, then tick ignore product update on all products except the one that should be used to update the Epos Now product. More details here.

Option 2
If there has been an error in the linking, open the product linker and fix the linking.
The field Sku cannot contain any of the following : \ ‘ # > <Epos Now does not allow certain characters in the SKU field.Update the SKU for the affected products
The field Name cannot end with ‘/’Epos Now does not allow the product name to end with a slash. If your product name is over 40 characters, EposNow will truncate this to 40 characters, and this may then mean the last character is a slash.Set the EPN product title field on WooCommerce (under the EposNow tab when you edit a product) so that the last character is not a slash
The Name field is required.The product name must be set in order for a product to be created on EposNowSet a product name in the title field on WooCommerce
Invalid Additional SuppliersAdditional suppliers have been assigned to this product in EposNow but that supplier has now been deleted from EposNow.Open the product in the EposNow back office and remove the additional supplier. The product should then sync through when our integration retries.
More than 1 product foundBefore creating a product on EposNow, we check to see if the product already exists on EposNow. We do this by using the matching criteria you specified (e.g. Woo SKU = EposNow SKU).

This error message means we found matching products on EposNow, but more than 1 matched so we do not know which one to link to.
Open our product linker and link the relevant EposNow product to this WooCommerce product.
Cannot specify unit of sale without a volume of saleThis is a legacy product on EposNow where the volume of sale was not defined. EposNow now require the volume of sale to also be set if the unit of sale is set.Open the linked product in your EposNow back office and either set the volume of sale or remove the unit of sale

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