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Gurdeep Sembi
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Our product sync is built to be flexible with granular control of which fields sync and when.


Product matching criteriaWe have 3 levels of product matching criteria. The integration will check to see if we can find a product on Epos Now that matches any of the 3 criteria and if we find a match, we create a link to that product automatically.

If a match is not found, we create the product on EposNow and link it.

See the matching options available later in this article.
Product statusesThis allows us to choose which Woo product statuses are valid to sync to EposNow.

This allows products in draft status to be filtered out for example.
Use WooCommerce sales priceIf this is enabled, we will set the price on EposNow as the sales price defined on WooCommerce.

If the sales price is not defined on WooCommerce, then we use the regular price.
Enable product creationIf enabled, we will create products on EposNow
Sell on tillWhen we create a product on EposNow, should sell on till be ticked?
Default Epos Now categoryWhen we create a product on EposNow, which category should this product be added to?

By default, it goes into a category called WooCommerce. You can then use the EposNow back office to move this to the relevant category.
Enable product updateIf enabled, we will update linked products on EposNow
Enable product deletionIf enabled, we will archive products on EposNow

Matching Options

WooCommerce FieldEpos Now Field
Product IDOrder Code
Product IDSKU
SKUOrder Code
SKUProduct ID

Data Mapping

We sync several fields of data between WooCommerce and Epos Now.

It is possible to select which fields should sync on product creation and update separately. This allows granular control and allows users to choose whether they want to update fields on EposNow via WooCommerce or edit directly on EposNow. This is especially useful when products have different names/prices in-store and online.

WooCommerce FieldEpos Now Field
Product IDSKU/Barcode/Order Code/Article Code
(choose one)
SKUSKU/Barcode/Order Code/Article Code
(choose one)
TitleName (max 40 characters)
TitleDescription (max 127 characters)
Product typeProduct type
EPN measurement unitSalePriceMeasurementSchemeItemId
EPN measurement unit volumeSalePriceMeasurementUnitVolume
Any meta fieldSKU
Any meta fieldBarcode
Any meta fieldOrder Code
Any meta fieldArticle Code
Any meta fieldCostPrice
Any meta fieldEatOutPrice
Any meta fieldRrPrice
Any meta fieldSize
Any meta fieldTareWeight
Any meta fieldDetailed Description (Products Plus App)

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