Receiving order notifications in-store

Gurdeep Sembi
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When an order is received on WooCommerce, a webhook is sent to the Slynk servers to inform us that an order needs to be processed. We pick up this order and create the order on Epos Now.

Epos Now have a module called websockets that allows notifications to be shown on screen. If this module is activated on your Epos Now account (you can ask Epos Now support to enable this for you) then you will see a notification pop up on the till whenever a web order is received. This notification disappears after a while however.

If it is important that you pick the items ordered online off the shelf ASAP to prevent in-store customers purchasing the item, a lot of our clients use WooCommerce Mobile Assistant which is a free plugin. WooCommerce also have their own app with a similar feature set so you can use whatever suits you best.

With this plugin installed on your website, you can install their app from the Google Play Store on an Android device and set it up so that it keeps ringing until dismissed when an order is received. That way, there is an audible alert that item(s) need to be picked off the shelves.

A lot of our clients have purchased a cheap Android tablet for use in-store by staff.

Other advantages include allowing your staff to be able to change order statuses, add order notes, print off invoices and packing slips and much more directly from the app without needing to login to the WordPress admin panel.

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