Recommended process for setting stock levels on Epos Now

Gurdeep Sembi
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The stock level can be SET to an absolute value in Epos Now by:

  • Stock take where the stock update method is: SET
  • Manually editing the stock level when editing the product
  • Importing the stock levels using the Bulk Import app on Epos Now

NOTE: Receiving purchase orders is OK as this just adds to whatever the current stock level is, it does not set an absolute value

As our WooCommerce order sync runs in the background, if a Woo order is synced to EposNow in between the time you loaded the page with the current stock level on EposNow and when you updated the stock level, then any stock changes from the order that has just synced will get overwritten.

For this reason, when updating a stock level on EposNow to an absolute value, these are the steps we recommend:

  • Disable the WooCommerce order sync
    • WP Admin > EposNow > Toggle ON disable order sync > Save
    • WP Admin > EposNow > Toggle ON disable refund sync > Save
    • This makes sure the order/refund sync is paused
  • Make sure any items for synced WooCommerce orders have been picked from the shelves
    • WP Admin > WooCommerce > Orders
    • All orders have Slynk Sync = YES and an EposNow Transaction ID mean that the order has synced successfully to EposNow and stock will have been adjusted on EposNow already.
    • Make sure the items have been picked off the shelves for these orders
  • Count the stock left on the shelf
  • Update the stock levels on EposNow and save
  • Enable the WooCommerce order sync
    • WP Admin > EposNow > Toggle OFF disable order sync > Save
    • Orders will start syncing again. Any order received while the order sync was paused will also be synced

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