Recommended setup for WP Cron

Gurdeep Sembi
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Our integration is built to be event based so that we can sync through any data as quickly as possible. This relies on your website or EposNow notifying us whenever there is a change to orders/products/stock/customers and we then know we have to sync this through.

We use the standard WordPress/WooCommerce webhooks and these rely on the WordPress cron for processing. The default WordPress cron only runs when some visits the site, so for sites that are not very busy, it can take some time before the webhooks get sent out.

For this reason, we recommend any sites that use our integration to run the WordPress cron at a server level. The recommended interval is every few minutes if possible. We recommend using this link from WordPress to see how to setup the cron at a server level for your site:

Top Tip: To verify that the cron is running as expected, we recommend using the Cron Logger plugin. Once you have verified it is running as expected, you can then disable this plugin.

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