Referral Terms & Conditions

The referral scheme is a reward (keep reading to see details on amount and conditions) to be sent to the referee (the person making the referral), after the successful completion of the project and final payment from the customer.

This offer is available to referrers who have registered with us and accepted these terms and conditions prior to making the referral.

The Reward

  • Any referrals for the EposNow Order Templates App and the Slynk Epos Now WooCommerce integration are all handled via the Epos Now SalesForce referrals. Please submit your referrals for this app via SalesForce. These apps are not included in the Slynk Referral Scheme directly.
  • For everything else, 3% of the Ex. VAT sale value up to a maximum of £200 (Excluding any sales for hosting and maintenance).
  • This is for the sale for the work done directly for the referral only. This is a one-off reward per successful referral.
  • Any future sales made by Slynk Digital directly to the customer are NOT included. The only exception is if the referrer refers a separate project that Slynk Digital has not directly discussed with the customer before, then that referral is valid.
  • The reward will be paid out upon completion of the project and when we receive final payment from the customer.
  • The reward will be paid out as an Amazon Gift Voucher

Qualification for the Reward (Referrer)

  • A ‘successful referral’ is a referral that results in a sale for Slynk Digital
  • This scheme is only valid for referrals for projects where the customer has not discussed the project with Slynk Digital already

General terms and conditions

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by an individual referrer
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • It is expected that the referrer has taken the time to speak to the customer about the services that Slynk Digital can offer and also of the referrers experience of working with Slynk Digital if any.

Version 2 :: Last Updated: 31 August 2021

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