Willis Enterprises

Epos Now & Linnworks integration to sync orders and inventory. Predictive analytics to set min/max order values for each product.

Spice Nights

WooCommerce & PrinterCo integration allowing web orders to be accepted/rejected/amended on an Android thermal printer as they are received

Party HQ

Epos Now integration to add functionality for internal purchase orders to transfer stock from warehouse to stores

Hawthorn Leisure

WordPress and Epos Now integration allowing customers to register their loyalty cards online on the website


Epos Now & WooCommerce Integration to sync products, inventory, orders, customers and loyalty points


EposNow, StoreTech & Linnworks integrations for inventory and order sync, competition management and footfall analytics

Somayas Kitchen

A bespoke integration for CSY Vector & Magento to sync orders, inventory and products

The Feed Shed

Epos Now & WooCommerce Integration to sync inventory and orders. Invoices and quote templates in Epos Now.

EL Science Ethar

A chemical analytics web app integrating with the MHRA and EU-CEG notification portal

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