Sync Epos Now Inventory With Amazon

Avoid costly overselling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce platforms with a huge amount of traffic and used correctly, it can be a very powerful sales channel for your business. Amazon have strict requirements for their sellers. Vendors who do not have their inventory in sync tend to ‘oversell’ and the orders cannot then be fulfilled, which can lead to your account being penalised by Amazon. Buyers may also leave negative reviews which are then hard to shake off.


  • Epos Now, WooCommerce and Amazon inventory remains in sync
  • Create and manage Amazon listings using WooCommerce product data using WP Lister
  • Manage your Amazon orders from WooCommerce using WP Lister
  • All your online sales data is available in Epos Now

Combining our Epos Now WooCommerce integration with WP Lister allows you to keep your inventory in sync across Epos Now, WooCommerce and Amazon.

WP Lister handles the inventory and order sync between WooCommerce and Amazon, our Epos Now WooCommerce integration handles the inventory and order sync between Epos Now and WooCommerce.

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