Use WooCommerce as Master

Sync inventory and orders between WooCommerce & EposNow

In most cases, our clients use Epos Now as the master with our Epos Now WooCommerce integration as Epos Now has a pretty robust inventory management system built in.

There are however some use cases where it is beneficial to use WooCommerce as the master. First, let’s define what we mean by ‘master’.

The master is the platform on which all inventory is managed, and to which all orders will be synced

One of the most popular use cases where it is useful to have WooCommerce as the master is when Epos Now is not being used to manage the inventory, it is simply another sales channel.


  • Inventory management does not have to be in Epos Now
  • Update Epos Now inventory from WooCommerce
  • Update Epos Now inventory from an external platform
  • Sync Epos Now transactions into WooCommerce

One example where this is useful is when an OmniChannel retail platform is used as to manage all inventory and orders. Some examples of these are:

  • Linnworks
  • Veeqo
  • Channel Grabber
  • Trade Gecko
  • Emerge
  • Many others that integrate with WooCommerce…

These OmniChannel platforms work by pulling in orders and pushing inventory updates to all connected sales channels (WooCommerce is one of these).

With our Epos Now WooCommerce integration, Epos Now becomes another sales channel that your OmniChannel platform can connect to.

Our integration syncs all Epos Now orders into WooCommerce and these are then picked up by the OmniChannel platform. Any inventory updates in the OmniChannel platform are pushed to WooCommerce, and our integration then updates the Epos Now inventory. A perfect closed loop.

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