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We are Slynk, specialists in integration.

At Slynk, our two main goals are to help our clients reach optimum efficiency and to surface insights from their data to help them make data driven decisions at any moment with confidence.

Integrating your business platforms is one of the biggest wins you can get in terms of improving efficiency and reducing errors. Get in touch to see how we can help free up your team to focus on high value tasks.

Why Slynk?

We have been building integrations for over 10 years, before open API's were commonplace. We can integrate with bleeding edge platforms as well as legacy platforms, there is always a way.

We build our integrations to scale and reliability as an absolute must. We put in the work upfront to architect a solution that covers all possible scenarios which allows us to build to robust integrations.

Core Team




Account Manager


Lead Developer


Lead Developer

Our development team has a wealth of experience with experts for each platform that we integrate with. Depending on the project and platforms involved, we will assign the ideal development team for that project.

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