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Epos Now + WooCommerce Integration

A robust, battle tested and fully managed integration to sync orders, stock & customers between Epos Now and WooCommerce.


  • Seamless and reliable syncing
  • High performance
  • Minimal load on your website
  • Battle tested over 5+ years
  • Fully managed & supported
  • Works with any WooCommerce website
  • Robust error handling


orders synced


stock updates processed


years in use


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Robust. Reliable. Trusted.

Take a look at the features of our integration

Stock sync

Stock sync

Our integration syncs your Epos Now stock with WooCommerce within a few minutes.

Whatever the reason for the stock change on Epos Now (anything from a sale on the till to a stock take), our integration picks this up and syncs it.

This includes full support for simple and variable products in WooCommerce. Each simple product and variation is linked to an Epos Now product so that stock for these can be controlled separately.

We also have full support for Epos Now measured products. As an example, you can sell per 100ml in Epos Now and sell per litre on the website and our integration will handle the stock levels accordingly.

Order & Refund sync
Customer sync
Product linker
Unified sales data
High performance
Sync with eBay
Sync with Amazon
Epos Now as master
WooCommerce as master
Omnichannel inventory management


£500 £250 setup fee

  • Setup our integration on your WordPress site
  • Full system check to make sure there are no conflicts on your WordPress site
  • Setup your Epos Now account for the integration
  • End to end full system testing
  • Training on the product linker

£70 per month

  • Works out at only £2.30 per day
  • Fully managed
  • Telephone/Email/Live chat support
  • Updates released to ensure 100% function with updates to WordPress/WooCommerce/Epos Now as they are released
  • Monthly rolling contract, no lock in

All prices ex vat (VAT added where applicable)
1,000,000 order/stock/customer/product syncs per month

14 day full money back guarantee. No questions asked.

We Work With You

Our integration is built to work with any WooCommerce website.

We are happy to work with your developers to install and setup the integration on your site. We do not need to take over development and maintenance of your website.

If you need any help on the web design side of things, get in touch and we can introduce you to our fully vetted and recommended web design partners.



Our integration is fully managed, which means all we need from you are the logins to Epos Now and the WordPress admin panel and we handle everything from there. This includes full end to end testing to ensure everything works. If there are any conflicts with other plugins/themes or if any tweaks are needed, we work with your developers to resolve these.

Yes, we have full support for simple and variable products in Epos Now. Each variation in WooCommerce links to an Epos Now product so that each variation has it's own stock.

Yes. We have full support for all Epos Now measured products. You can sell in one unit on Epos Now and another compatible unit on WooCommerce and our integration will handle this.

Yes we do. We have full support for the following plugins:

Yes we do. We have full support for the following plugins:

Yes, we have a unit multiplier feature that allows you to define the multiples. For example, if you were selling a 3 pack of t-shirts, you simply set the multiplier as 3 in our product linker and our system will automatically adjust the stock levels to match. This works really well combined with measured products too.

Yes they do. We have support for both full and partial refunds. If you select the option to 'restock the items' when creating the refund on WooCommerce, the stock will also be updated on EposNow.

Yes, this is achieved using the EposNow Online Order Printing software which will listen out for web orders and print them off on the the printer setup on the software.

Yes you can, but you will need a separate account with us for each website. If all your sites are on the same server/hosting with a similar setup, there may be a saving to be made on the setup fees for additional sites. Get in touch with us and we can discuss.

Our integration service is fully compatible with:

Yes, you will be able to see these in the EposNow reports in the back office as completed transactions.

No, we have a very small footprint on your site and there should be no downtime expected.

Not at this moment but we are working on this so watch this space. This is a complex part of the integration and we are making sure that we only release it when we are sure it is as robust as the rest of the integration.

For now, you have to create/update the products on both EposNow and WooCommerce and use our product linker to link them together. If you use the same SKU/Barcode or any other identifier on both platforms, then the linking process is just a few clicks and is very quick.

As a fully managed service, we keep on top of all updates to Epos Now, WooCommerce and WordPress and we test with the release candidates to ensure everything continues to work smoothly. If any updates are needed, we release the updates to our plugin which you can then update as normal. For any critical updates, we will email you to let you know you should update immediately.

We provide support in normal UK working hours between 9am and 5pm excluding bank/public holidays.

You can always send us feature requests by emailing connect@slynk.io. If you need any custom development work, then we offer this service too. Simply get in touch and we can take it from there.


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