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Automation for Epos Now

Flow is an automation tool for Epos Now that can run tasks on a schedule reliably and automatically. It can also be used to do smart updates to data in Epos Now in bulk through a user friendly interface.

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Backups & Exports

and much more...

Do more in less time

Let Flow do the work for you so your staff can be deployed to high value tasks that can only be done by humans


Flow is in beta at the moment and will soon be available for Early Access.


This page will be updated with the full feature set and pricing in the coming weeks.


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  • Flow Templates

    We have created templates for the most common flows so you can get started in minutes.

    For example, tick and untick sell on till for products in certain categories at a certain time of day to switch between breakfast and lunch menus.

    We are adding more all the time and you can also send us requests.

  • Automated Flows

    You can choose the intervals at which your flows should run and these run reliably and on schedule no matter the time of day/night.

    Or if you prefer, you can run them manually via our app.

  • Bulk Operations

    Create flows quickly to update data on EposNow based on the filters you select.

    For example, if you want to increase prices for all products from a particular supplier which are in a particular category by 10%, then you can do this in minutes.

  • Backups & Exports

    You will soon be able to export data from EposNow and upload it to your FTP server, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox accounts.

    We will also be adding support for Amazon S3 and this can then be used to integrate with data warehouses for powerful analytics with tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Accredited by Epos Now

9+ years working closely with Epos Now on large projects means we have deep knowledge of their APIs and close ties with their development teams allowing us to tightly integrate with their platform.


"Slynk are one of our longest serving partners and offer unrivalled knowledge of the Epos Now API & ecosystem. The robustness and feature rich offering of the integrated services have been essential in supporting Epos Now customers in driving success and growth."

Ryan Heaphy
VP Strategic Partnerships @ Epos Now
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