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Flow is an automation tool for Epos Now that can run tasks on a schedule reliably and automatically. It can also be used to do smart updates to data in Epos Now in bulk through a user friendly interface.

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Do more in less time

Let Flow do the work for you so your staff can be deployed to high value tasks that can only be done by humans


Flow can automate tasks, update data in bulk with smart targeting and export data for you.

  • Flow Templates

    Take a look at our templates for the most common flows that allow you to get started in minutes. You can use these as a starting point and customise as needed.

    For example, tick and untick sell on till for products in certain categories at a certain time of day to switch between breakfast and lunch menus.

    We are adding more all the time and you can also send us requests.

  • Run automatically on a schedule

    You can set a schedule for when your flow should run automatically.

    Choose from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly options. You can choose the day of the week and hour that the flow should run in your timezone.

    Or if you prefer, you can run the flow on demand via our app.

  • Bulk Operations

    Create flows quickly to update data on EposNow based on the filters you select.

    For example, if you want to increase prices for all products from a particular supplier which are in a particular category by 10%, then you can do this in minutes.

  • Automated data export and backups

    Export data from EposNow into a CSV file ready for download. You can combine data from related data types and also modify it before it is added to the CSV.

    For example you can create a CSV of all products which are below a specified stock level and add the supplier details of each of the products into the same row on the CSV.

    The ability to upload automatically to your FTP server, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox accounts is coming soon. This can then be used to integrate with data warehouses for powerful analytics with tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Accredited by Epos Now

9+ years working closely with Epos Now on large projects means we have deep knowledge of their APIs and close ties with their development teams allowing us to tightly integrate with their platform.


"Slynk are one of our longest serving partners and offer unrivalled knowledge of the Epos Now API & ecosystem. The robustness and feature rich offering of the integrated services have been essential in supporting Epos Now customers in driving success and growth."

Ryan Heaphy
VP Strategic Partnerships @ Epos Now

Our happy clients

free up their time for high value tasksreduce human errorrun tasks automatically and reliably

"An absolutely first class experience to date, dealing with the guys at Slynk Digital. Nothing has been too much trouble and answering the most stupid of questions from me, has been done quickly and without hesitation. I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is in need of their services."

Shaun Smith
Elite Tiling

"Gurdeep and the team are a breath of fresh air, they know their stuff, explain everything clearly and are just really nice. Thank you!"

Vanessa Hendra
G. J. Hendra Ltd

"First of all, what a great product, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The user experience is also super easy. The support team are always an email away and always respond in great time. Lastly all the guys are very friendly, helpful and patient. Thank you !!"

Adam Clarke
Adams Fruits

"Exceptional product and support. The team are always happy to help and have recently written and applied functionality specifically at our request which will help us with other areas we are integrating. I can’t recommend the product and the team enough - well deserved 5 stars"

Stefan Fletcher
UK Airsoft
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