Epos Now Loyalty Registration Automation

Hawthorn Leisure have pubs all across the UK and they are the home of live sports. Where a few rounds with friends, live music and sport lift your spirits. And where the conversation flows as freely as the beer.

The Challenge

Hawthorn Leisure use Epos Now in all their pubs across the UK. They have a very active loyalty points programme and wanted to make the Loyalty sign up process simple for their customers and also reduce the queues at the till when a customer signed up.

They wanted to simply give a loyalty card to a customer and then ask them sign up on their website, and then wanted these details to be updated on Epos Now.

The Solution


We developed a WordPress plugin to integrate their website with Epos Now, which provided a loyalty registration form which could be placed anywhere on their website.

When this form was filled, the data entered is validated and the loyalty card number is processed so that it is in the correct format for Epos Now. If the data is valid, the customer is added/updated onto Epos Now in real-time. If there are any errors, or more than one customer is found in Epos Now with the same loyalty card number, then the administrator is notified via email.

This integration is saving a lot of time and is also making the sign up process for the loyalty programme friction-less for their customers.

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