Epos Now Purchase Order Automation

Party HQ offer all the fun of Halloween all year round. Whether you’re dressing up the kids for a school fun day, heading off to a sporting event or hosting a house party, Party HQ offer a huge range for you to find the perfect outfit, accessories, face paint or home decorations.

The Challenge

PartyHQ use EposNow to run all their stores and they wanted to streamline how their stores ordered stock from the warehouse.

They wanted the stores to be able to raise a purchase order against a selection of warehouses and for the warehouses to be able to process these purchase orders.

Once the purchase orders were part/fully processed, the stock needed to transfer automatically from the warehouse to the stores.

The Solution

We developed a bespoke Web App for Party HQ that runs silently in the background and integrates with Epos Now to detect when a purchase order is raised or processed, and then moves stock seamlessly in real-time from the warehouse to the store that raised the purchase order. The web app records an audit trail for easy reference.

There was zero change to how the staff used Epos Now so none of the workflows were interrupted, the app just silently works away efficiently in the background. The web app cuts down manual data entry significantly and enables Party HQ to save a lot of valuable time that can then be used to further grow the business.

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