Epos Now, StoreTech & Linnworks integration

VPZ have over 100 stores across the UK and a large customer base. We have worked with VPZ on several projects and continue to maintain, support and enhance the existing integrations we have built for them as well as building for the future.

The Challenge

Omnichannel Listing, Inventory and Order Management

VPZ use Linnworks to manage all their online listings, inventory and orders centrally. The inventory needed to be kept in sync with Epos Now and all online orders needed to be pushed into Epos Now. Linnworks was linked to Amazon (multiple marketplaces), eBay & Shopify just to name a few and the inventory needed to be kept in sync on all these platforms. Epos Now was the master and all inventory management was done in Epos Now.


Enhanced analytics correlating footfall with in-store sales

VPZ use Epos Now in all their stores and were now teaming up with StoreTech to give them more information on the footfall at all times of the day through each of their stores. They wanted to surface deep insights into their sales and conversion rates in store.

In order to surface key insights into their footfall, conversion rates and sales, the sales data from Epos Now needed to be sent to StoreTech to produce near real-time reports that showed these insights for each store and group of stores.


EposNow Loyalty Competition

They also run regular competitions and for one particular competition, they wanted to reward loyal customers with eligibility to enter an exclusive competition to win a Lamborghini. They wanted an integration to automatically email any customer who passed a loyalty points threshold with their eligibility to enter their exclusive competition to win a Lamborghini. In order to enter the competition, the customers then had to purchase a specific product and this would then enter them into the competition (All customers had agreed to be emailed on sign up to the loyalty programme).

The integration also needed to identify who the competition entrants were automatically based on who had purchased this specific product, and then send them an email confirming their entry into the competition.

The Solution


Linnworks Integration

We built an integration between Linnworks and Epos Now for them which kept their inventory and orders in sync on both systems which prevented any overselling on any online platform.


StoreTech Integration

We developed a custom web app that integrated with Epos Now and StoreTech to aggregate the anonymised sales data for each store in half hour intervals and send it to StoreTech. The data was sent to StoreTech every half hour and so our client could see reports for any time up until the last 30 minutes which allowed them to then make data driven decision after a period of time or on-the-fly if necessary.

The app works silently in the background and seamlessly syncs the data. This has allowed key strategic decisions to be made on a data driven basis on opening hours, how to promote offers, optimising conversions in-store and so much more.


Epos Now Loyalty Integration

Our integration automated the whole competition entry process so that our client could focus on driving loyalty registrations and sales without needing to worry about the mechanics of making the competition work.

Our app checked the loyalty point balances of all the customers and as soon as they passed the points threshold for competition entry, they were sent an attractive HTML email via SendGrid informing them of their eligibility for the competition and the steps they needed to take to enter the competition. We made sure that the customer was emailed just once even if they passed the loyalty points threshold multiple times.

Once the customer bought the ‘competition entry’ product via Epos Now, our app picked this up and then emailed them a confirmation of their competition entry and also entered them into a list of competition entrants.

Our app saved a lot of time and money by automating this whole process and made the competition a success with our client generating a large volume of loyalty signups.

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