Epos Now Order Templates App

Create fully customisable Epos Now invoices, quotes, receipts, tickets, packing slips, delivery notes, food labels and more.


  • Fully customisable templates
  • 10+ starter templates
  • Access to all EposNow data
  • Print from till
  • Print from back office
  • Multi-lingual
  • Unlimited locations
  • Add unlimited images & text
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Print on any network printer
  • Any paper size & type
  • Use any google font
  • Search and print historic transactions


*Please note Android devices (including EposNow Android tills) are not supported.
See FAQs for further info.


Ready To Go Templates

We have a range of ready to use templates for the most common documents to get you up and running in minutes. Change the logo and colours and use these off the shelf, or customise them as needed with our drag and drop builder.


Delivery notes
Packing slips
Food labels


documents generated


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£25 per month
  • 2 active templates


£35 per month
  • 5 active templates


£50 per month
  • 10 active templates


£95 per month
  • 20 active templates
All features are available on all plans
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Access to all starter templates
  • Print from till
  • Print from back office
  • Add unlimited images & text
  • Unlimited draft templates
  • Unlimited locations
  • 10 million template prints per month
  • Support


Depending on the plan you are on, you can have a set number of active templates. Active templates are templates that are published and available for you to use in the Epos Now back office and tills.

There is no limit on the number of draft templates you can have on our platform. You can work on draft templates until you are ready to publish them.

You can save the template as a PDF and use your email service to attach this to an email and send it.

No, our pricing is based on the number of active templates only. You can use these templates at as many locations as you like.

Yes it does. You can define exactly what you want to show on the template in any language you like. If your language font is not already present, we can add it in for you, just ask us.

Yes, our app is fully compatible with Windows based tills and back office.

There are severe limitations and for this reason we do not officially support the Android tills. See our KB article for more details on the reasons for this. If you have an Android till but want to use Order Templates, it would be worth speaking to EposNow to see if they can supply a Windows based till instead.

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