Take a look at the frequently asked questions and if you can't find your question, just get in touch and we can help.


Depending on the plan you are on, you can have a set number of active templates. Active templates are templates that are published and available for you to use in the Epos Now back office and tills.

There is no limit on the number of draft templates you can have on our platform. You can work on draft templates until you are ready to publish them.

You can save the template as a PDF and use your email service to attach this to an email and send it.

No, our pricing is based on the number of active templates only. You can use these templates at as many locations as you like.

Yes. We have full support for all Epos Now measured/weighed products.

Yes it does. You can define exactly what you want to show on the template in any language you like. If your language font is not already present, we can add it in for you, just ask us.

Yes, our app is fully compatible with Windows based devices/tills and back office.

There are some limitations so please be sure to check our KB article for more details.

If you have an Android till but want to use Order Templates without the limitations described, it would be worth speaking to EposNow to see if they can supply a Windows based till instead.


We provide support in normal UK working hours between 9am and 5pm excluding bank/public holidays.

We handle all support requests for our integration so you can get in touch with us directly via our support portal.

If you prefer to call us, that is fine too, you can see our contact details on our contact page.

We keep on top of all updates to Epos Now and we test with the releases to ensure everything continues to work smoothly.

If any updates are needed to our app, these are automatically applied to our servers.


Once you sign up with us, you will receive an email with your login details.

Once you login to our platform:

  • Create a template. Use one of our starter templates to get up and running in minutes
  • Set your template to published
  • Your template is ready to be used on your till and back office
  • If you need any help at all with the templates, just get in touch with us

No, we have a very small footprint on your site and there will be no downtime.

Our billing is handled by the EposNow App Store and they accept all major currencies.

During the sign up on the EposNow App Store, you will be shown the equivalent price in your currency and this will be the amount you are billed for monthly.

You are only ever committing to one month at a time and can cancel at any time by uninstalling our app from the EposNow app store.

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