Update customer type based on sign up date

Update customer type based on sign up date

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This flow is useful in identifying loyal customers and setting their customer type. You can then apply some customer credit to them using a flow that targets this customer type to reward them from having been a loyal customer.

This flow template gives you a good starting point and you can customise it as needed.

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When this happens…
Run automatically or manually

You can run this flow automatically on a schedule, for example every weekday at midnight, or choose to run it manually via our dashboard when you need it.

Get the data …
Fetch the customers

The flow will fetch all customers from your Epos Now account ready for filtering

Apply filters…
Filter by customers who signed up more than a specified number of days ago

You can set the number of days ago that the customer should have signed up to be eligible. For example, you could set it to apply to only customers who signed up more than 90 days ago

Then do this…
Update the customer type

For customers who match your filters, you can choose the which customer type they should be set to.



This template can be easily customised by changing the triggers, filters and actions
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Triggers are the events that start the flow.
For example, run at 6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Set your flow to run automatically at a specific time or interval. Choose from monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.

Manual Run

Run your flow manually using our dashboard. This is useful for testing your flow or running it on demand.

Filters allow you to apply the actions only to the objects that pass the filter criteria you specify.
For example, filter by the customer type or where the customer name contains certain characters.

Actions allow you to make changes to the objects that pass the filter checks.
For example, set the customer balance to 10 or add 20% to the existing balance.

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