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Our full featured Epos Now WooCommerce integration has been continuously developed over 7+ years and is robust, proven and battle tested. Take a look at what it can do for you.

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Sync products and stock in minutes, especially important where overselling can cause reputational damage to your brand.

  • Stock in sync on time all the time

    Whenever a stock level changes for whatever reason (e.g. a sale is made, purchase order received, manual stock adjustment, stock takes, stock imports), it syncs automatically within minutes preventing over selling and making sure that any new stock is available for sale online right away.

  • Manage products in one place

    We sync products from WooCommerce to Epos Now so that you only have to manage your products in one place on Woo. The sync is highly configurable. For example, you can choose whether prices should sync or not depending on whether you sell with the same prices online and in-store.

  • Drive sales with bundles and multi-packs

    Selling bundles and multi-packs is a great way to drive sales both online and in-store. Our integration has built in functionality for multi-packs, is compatible with the official Woo plugins as well as Epos Now master and child products and will keep the stock in sync for you.

  • Measured and weighed products

    Our integration supports measured and weighed products and allows you to sell with different units in-store and online. It also allows you to sell pre-packed quantities online. For example, you may sell per kg in-store where goods are weighed at checkout, but you can sell online in pre-packed amounts of 500g.

  • Intuitive linkers

    Our dashboard allows you to easily see and manage how your data is linked between WooCommerce and Epos Now. You can see products and customers from each platform side by side, change the links if needed and even export the data.


Our order sync allows you to have all your sales data in one place enabling powerful reporting and insights as well as increasing efficiency in the fulfilment process

  • Customer order history

    Orders are automatically assigned to the relevant customer whether they buy online or in-store allowing you to build a proper picture of their buying habits which can be really powerful for targeted marketing.

  • Notifications + auto print

    Receive order notifications on your Epos Now till and automatically print out online orders on your receipt printer as soon as they arrive helping with order fulfilment

  • Intelligent order routing

    Sync orders to the relevant location in Epos Now based on your WooCommerce order data. Works with auto order print and notifications and is compatible with the popular multi-vendor plugins including Dokan and click and collect plugins including Local Pickup Plus.

  • Unified reporting

    Having all your sales data in one place allows the reporting features on Epos Now to give you better insight into your sales, customers and inventory.

  • Configurable

    We can setup filters for which orders should sync based on order status, order date and the customers user role on WordPress.

Plays nice

We follow best practices for WooCommerce and Epos Now for maximum compatibility with other plugins and services that follow the same recommended approach.

  • Sync with Amazon / eBay and more

    WooCommerce has some great plugins that allow you to sync your inventory and orders with Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces and our integration is compatible.

    These plugins create Woo orders for each marketplace order and we sync it to EposNow. Any stock updates that we sync to Woo are picked up by these plugins and updated on the relevant marketplaces keeping everything in sync for you.

  • Multi-Vendor stores

    If your website sells products for different vendors, you are most likely using one of the popular multi-vendor plugins like Dokan. We can route the Woo orders to the correct EposNow location by mapping the WooCommerce vendor with an Epos Now location.

    As long as your WooCommerce order has a vendor ID in the data, we can route the order.

  • Multi-channel platforms

    Linnworks, Veeqo, Channel Grabber and other multi-channel platforms work by syncing products and inventory to Woo, and retrieving Woo orders into their platform.

    Our integration allows you to connect EposNow into these platforms by reversing the sync direction so that EposNow transactions are synced to Woo and Woo stock changes are synced to EposNow.

Our happy clients

no longer worry about over/under sellingcan sell all their stock online and in-storefulfil orders fasterget powerful reporting and insightsfree up their time for high value tasksreduce human error

"Slynk has really helped streamline and simplify our business by managing stock levels across online and in-store. As a new business, everything has been a learning curve for us, but Gurdeep and the team have been on hand straight away for 1:1 support when we've needed it. Thank you guys!"

Maddie Elliott
That Leisure Shop

"Using Slynk for EposNow plugin integration. The product is not only cost effective but actually works superbly well. The service and support is first rate and response times are astonishing. We can't praise the Slynk team enough and absolutely recommend."

David Richards
Glue Creative

"First of all, what a great product, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The user experience is also super easy. The support team are always an email away and always respond in great time. Lastly all the guys are very friendly, helpful and patient. Thank you !!"

Adam Clarke
Adams Fruits

"After around 9 months of total frustration with a previous Epos to WooCommerce integration company, Slynk was a breath of fresh air. Everything transposed seamlessly and Gurdeep was on hand within minutes and nothing was too much trouble. Since moving over to Slynk and a server change we are now operating at full speed and moving forward exponentially. Fantastic service that is worth every penny of what we are paying."

Dale Hudson
Float Fish Farm Tackle Shop
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