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Keeping your site secure and up to date

Security patches are being released more frequently than ever before. With the growing complexity of attack vectors, it is more important than ever to make sure your site is patched.

We handle all the technical updates to your website and make sure that the update do not break the display and functionality of your site. All updates are done on staging sites to make sure that if there are any issues, your live site is not affected. This is a fully managed process.

Security is about reducing the risk, not elimination. There is always risk, we help you mitigate it and help you recover.

Why would I be targeted?

A common misconception is that your site will not be targeted because it is not that big or it just isn’t that type of industry. Unfortunately, every site is a target. Have a read of our blog post on why it is so important to keep your site updated for some key insights into why any site is targeted and why.

We are not trying to scare you into taking a maintenance contract. We have just been developing websites for a long time and have seen the security environment transform completely. We feel it is our duty to inform our clients of the risks and how to mitigate them pro-actively rather than re-actively. Your website is a window into your brand and it is vitally important to protect it like you would a physical location.

What We Do For You


Managed WordPress Updates*
Managed Plugin Updates*
Managed Theme Updates*
Daily Backups**
Database Optimisation
Blacklist Monitoring
Brute Force Lockout
404 Lockout
IP Lockout
Security Tweaks
Weekly Malware Scans

*Updates are applied once a month
*Critical security updates applied ASAP as soon as we become aware of them
**only applicable if your hosting is with us

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